International Airway Management Society(IAMS)Exchange Program Outline
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1. Aim: To provide a platform of international exchange on new ideas, techniques and equipment,teaching and training for experts and trainees dedicated to airway management. 
2. Approaches: To promote, by visiting Hospitals/Universities/Research Institutes, observation, academic exchange, teaching
and training. A time frame of 1-60 days is suggested, as appropriate to purpose.
3. Role of visiting professors/experts/trainees: to bear all traveling expenses and necessary fees, including but not limited to all travel costs (flights or train tickets, food, accommodation etc.), necessary travel and health insurance, training fees if requested by the host institutes. All visitors should comply with the local law and regulations of host countries and institutes. All visitors are expected to submit a short summary of their stay to the IAMS International exchange program within 4 weeks of the visit completed. Only experts and/or trainees from volunteer host institutes are eligible to take part in this international exchange program.
4. Role of Hosts: To provide to visitors all necessary information concerning travel and accommodation, to provide visitors with invitation letters if needed for visa or travel purposes, to care for the arrangement of operating room observation and academic exchange activities at the hospital/institute, based on the mutual agreement previously convened upon by visitors and hosts.
5. Role of IAMS: IAMS has implemented an International Liaison Committee (ILC) to coordinate the exchange program, with Dr. Yong Wang being Chairman (Contact: see below). IAMS ILC will prepare a list of institutions volunteering to participate as hosts in the ILC program. IAMS cannot be held liable for any loss or damage due to accidents or other unexpected events related to the visitor’s travel or academic exchange. IAMS does not accept any liability for any encumbrance related to the violation of relevant immigration laws, travel bans or other unexpected events like strikes, wars or terrorist attacks.                                                              
6. Contact IAMS ILS:
Dr. Yong Wang,
Department of Anesthesiology,
First Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University of Chinese Medicine,
Guangzhou, China.
Email:; phone: 8615920382796; Wechat: 15920382796.

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