2018 “Tuoren” International Airway Management Trainees Exchange Program for Young Anesthesiologists
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Special Project Committee of International Airway Management Society (IAMS)
2018 “Tuoren” International Airway Management Trainees Exchange Program for Young Anesthesiologists
International airway management society (IAMS) aims at promoting education, training and research in airway management, especially in Asian countries. The IAMS “Tuoren” International Airway Management Trainees Exchange Program sponsored by Henan Tuoren Medical Device Co., Ltd will be open to young anesthesiologists in order to enhance academic communication among Asian countries for three consecutive years starting from 2018. The details of the project were discussed and approved by the IAMS board directors and members of the above special project committee, henceforth termed “the committee”. The composition of the committee is detailed in paragraph 8.
1.     Basic information:
The program for three consecutive years will select one young anesthesiologist in China each year for exchange with an outstanding young anesthesiologist from another Asian country. The program may include clinical or research training in hospitals or other scientific institutions concerned with airway management. The intended duration of the exchange period is 1 month with funding of $ 2000. - per person. The official language will be English. An English version is mandatory of any correspondence, reports, abstracts, and presentations.
2.     Requirements for applicants:
(1)    Anesthesiologists under the age of 40, registered in China, or of equivalent qualifications from other Asian countries
(2)    Currently working as clinical anesthesiologists, physicians for pain management, ICU physicians, and emergency physicians
(3)    With particular interest and dedication for research and education in airway management
(4)    With English language capabilities for daily communication in clinical   settings
3.     Application procedures for Candidates:
Detailed information on application and application forms will be posted on the official website of IAMS (http://www.iamshq.com). Completed application forms signed by the chief of the anesthesiology department and the institution should be scanned as Portable Document Format (PDF) and emailed to Dr. Hui Qiao (theyellow@163.com), the secretary of IAMS and chairman of the special project committee, along with copies of the identity document and material in proof of previous achievements.
4. Selection of Candidates:
  The application forms will be reviewed by members of the IAMS special committee composed as below, ex officio including the chairmen of the IAMS committees for workshops, training, and awards. A final decision will be arrived at by casting votes. The applicants thus selected will be announced at the annual meeting of IAMS.
5. Funds delivery:
IAMS is responsible for assignment of the exchange institutions within two months after the annual meeting. The candidates selected for the project should commence the trip within six months following notification by the committee. $ 1000. - will be transferred in advance as coverage of travel expenses. Another $ 1000. - will be paid after arrival at the training site. Upon completion of the exchange period a summary report on the project will have to be submitted to the committee. An oral report is expected to be delivered at the following IAMS annual meeting. Guidelines for reports are provided on the official website of IAMS (http://www.iamshq.com).
6. Publication disclosure:
The acknowledgement of IAMS “Tuoren” International Airway Management Trainees Exchange Program including the funding number should be stated in any publication possibly relevant to the particular exchange.
7. Supervision:                                                                        
The program and the funding are supervised by the special projects committee of IAMS.
8. Composition of the Special Project Committee:                                                                               
To be established
International Airway Management Society (IAMS)
Special Project Committee of IAMS

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