Call for Abstracts and E-Posters of IAMM 2018
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Call for Abstracts:
Be a part of one of the most rewarding sections of the annual meeting. Plan to submit your abstract for consideration for poster presentation. In addition, the top 6 abstracts will be nominated for oral presentation during the meeting. The top three abstracts ($1000, $500 and $200) and top three posters ($500, $200 and $100) will be awarded for their outstanding contribution to the meeting and the advancement of airway management.
Deadline is April 1st, 2018.
Please submit abstract or poster to Presenter will be notified via email.
Submission Details:
1.     250 words maximum excluding title, authors. Limit of one figure and one table.
2.     Word document format, file sent via e-mail (Times New Roman, size 12 preferred)
3.     Presenting author’s name in bold, name of institution, conflicts of interest should be disclosed, financial support should be acknowledged.
These instructions are written for PowerPoint, but are applicable to any other software you may wish to use. Use PowerPoint 2007 or newer, and set the dimensions of your poster to: 140 cm (55 in) width x 73 cm (28.5 in) height, in landscape orientation.

1.     Number of pages (slides): one (1).
2.     Make sure your text and background have a large contrast (dark lettering on a light background or the reverse).
3.     Minimum suggested font size: 24 (20 for references).
4.     For embedded images prefer .jpeg or .png file formats in a resolution of 72 or 96 dpi.
5.     Do not use animated effects, “animations” and videos.
6.     Before submitting, save your poster as a PDF file. All recent versions of PowerPoint and most other software applications allow you to save your poster as a PDF file from the "File > Save as" menu.
The annual membership fee is $30. 20% discount of registration fee for annual meeting will be provided for IAMS members.
If you are interested in becoming a member of IAMS or would like more information please contact:
Address: 132 Lucerne Blvd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA
Tel & Fax: 856-489-9793
Mail: P.O. Box 3356, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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    Address: 132 Lucerne Blvd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA
   Tel & Fax: 856-489-9793
  Mail: P.O. Box 3356, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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